EVERY YOUNGSTER deserves the chance to just be a kid. To play. To laugh. To share. And to accomplish.


The Spirit of the Game Society believes a big part of just being a kid is participating in organized sport. It’s a place where youngsters can learn about teamwork, discover hidden skills and personal strengths, develop bonds that will last a lifetime. Organized sport teaches respect and an appreciation for structure. It builds confidence.


More importantly, joining a youth team allows kids to just hang with their friends and be part of a young community.


Unfortunately, many youngsters won’t get that chance. They come from underprivileged families who just can’t afford the increasing fees required to give their son or daughter a chance to play hockey or soccer, baseball or softball. For many families, curling is out of the questions. So might be swimming lessons.


The Spirit of the Game Society was established to help such families in Oliver and Osoyoos. A non-profit organization with a volunteer board, the Spirit of the Game Society is structured to deliver 100% of all donations to providing league fees and covering equipment costs. It does this by working with generous partners and organizing annual funding events.


We know that organized sport can give youngsters a leg up on life. Recent studies have shown that youngsters involved in organized sport at an early age are less likely to get into trouble as teenagers. We believe that organized sport teaches these kids respect, teamwork, confidence and structure — giving them the traits necessary to avoid negative outlets in life.


If you believe like we believe, please join us. You’ll find the rewards — big smiles on happy young faces — are well worth the investment.



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To Spirit of the Game,

never give up!


-Gino Odjick

Vancouver Canucks

1990–91 to 1997–98



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